Stay Pretty Just Like Ugly Betty

Recently, I had read an interesting book, Media, Gender and Identity by David Gauntlett. Throughout the study process, I found a case study that is really inspiring. It is about a short film called Ugly Betty. I personally feel Betty can become a very good example in changing the perception and stereotype of society toward woman, from typically housewife to successful employee, promoting self esteem and empowerment. She has an incredible personality and charming attitude, which helps her to change her employer’s perspective. This film is all about the high fashion world and surrounds by make up, models and designers. Betty seems incoherent in that society, she wears an old fashioned spectacles and has braces on her teeth. Such weak yet tiny character stands out with her indomitable spirit and bright ideas, eventually win audience’s attention. It becomes TV No 1 comedy programme with most viewers.

In Betty’s culture, stick-thin models are the significant trend mark for fashion, but Betty creates the arguments and different viewpoint. The present of this character is to tell the society a message that beauty is only skin deep, don’t judge a person by his or her appearance.

Actress Ferrera, who plays Betty mentioned that it is her first time feeling beautiful as she can use her career to touch and inspire all girls to be tough and intelligent.

Gauntlett, D. (2002). Media, gender, and identity. London: Routledge., (2015). [online] Available at: [Accessed 15 Jun. 2015].


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