Cleopatra- The Remarkable Woman.

Women who are remarkable and once to be a trend and mouthful topic.

Female character is often used to be the subject of advertising and in this post, I will show how a successful woman, Cleopatra’s  ( Queen of Egypt)  attitude in playing a her role and can become the subject of award winning film, acted by Elizabeth. Besides of discussing about the success achieved, I also will include how this character contribute to fashion world in the next post.

During the ancient, male-dominated world, Cleopatra is truly a remarkable example in showing herself as the powerful woman and  a legend. She is the youngest leader with the age of eighteen, in Egypt after his father Alexander the Great’s was exiled due to political matters. She ruled her kingdom for more than two thousand years with the control on Egypt and other lands including most of the eastern Mediterranean country. (Anon, 2015)As a goddess, she was known for her striking personality, sharp intelligence and her alliances with the most powerful men of her time.

A greek barbarian, Cleopatra earned her status with her ability in speaking nine languages and the loyalty of her people with the fame of “People’ Princess” by speaking Egyptian other than only Greek.(Anon, 2015) Besides, she showed her confidence with claim of she was the reincarnation of Isis, goddess of motherhood and fertility.(Anon, 2015) This can be shown through her orchestration through the ritual burial of the Buchis bull shortly after her father’s death and she was just crowned.(Anon, 2015) With the well used in her precise understanding and sexuality, she successfully ensnare men like Julius Caesar ( one of the most powerful men in Rome during that era) in order to help Egypt as a whole.(Anon, 2015). The statement is proven when she successfully battled her brother’s troops, gain back her throne with the  her pregnant of Caesar’s son during the civil war against her brother and his influence.(Anon, 2015) Cleopatra captivates Caesar was not because of her youth and beauty, but her unique interpretation toward knowledge and well communication through multi language, proves that Cleopatra has in own fashion, in a unique way.  After her husband Julius Caesar were murdered, she went back to Egypt, poisoned her brother and announced her son as a co-ruler, entirely secured her kingdom.(, 2013) Cleopatra showed her power in giving the help of Egyptian army  forces and money to Mark Anthony.(, 2013) They soon married and she showed her mother love  toward Anthony’s children. They eventually died of suicide because of the losing war with Octavian. (, 2013)

Cleopatra was indeed a legend that represent beauty, seduction, love and femininity all in one. As mentioned, at an early age, she is single handedly led her people intelligently and reform economic to save her people from Egypt, changing the stereotype of woman cannot lead a land without the guidance of a man. Cleopatra involves femininity in her strategies , showing her unique charm in winning the protection when her position is danger. Though she is a queen, but she is a mother , she protects her children by securing the kingdom, giving them the continuation of control. Though there is the misunderstanding toward Cleopatra as love liar and someone who used men for her intention but I personally disagree as her capability in controlling world is the one who wins the men’s help. I believe a women like Cleopatra that has brilliant mind would have other solutions too when facing the problems if without the help of men.

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