Looking Through the Prehistoric Era

Who are women?

A question that worth for you to wonder. What is the first idea that pops up from your mind when you get such question?

The common answers will definitely be mother and wife.

There is always a common saying, women are weak and dependent, they rely on men to survive. However, as you may see, women during prehistoric period were actually very independent and they play the significant roles in the cultural changes Indeed, women’s main responsibilities are to give birth and build up the society, but their existence helped the development of the society too. In Stone Age era, survival is the main topic. I can’t deny the fact that men hunt food to survive but women were actually way more important here. As (Anon, 2015) stated, Food that hunt by men only act as nourishment, but the food gathered by women sustain the tribe of the day. Besides, according to the teeth analysis, people in paleolithic consumed a lot of grain, nuts and fruits nor meats. (The Crux, 2013)  This proved that women are not reliable on Men for food source. During this period also, studies proved that women and men did not live together. There was no ownership and sexual demands on women.(p.1)

Next, women earned their position in helping through the economy changes and cultural development. During Neolithic, people began to involve in farming and rearing animals, their organizations are more systematic. As (Anon, 2015) stated, women played their important roles in preserving and storing food, lead to invention of weaving and pottery making. They were the first who made pottery from clays and preserve milk by making it into cheese and yogurt, showing women have certain level of knowledge and skills. Initially, women involved themselves in agricultural activities and made remarkable pattern by the way of choosing best lands for regular farming. Improvement of agriculture contribute to the increasing demand of human source. Women would have needed to reproduce more children to fill the demand. Slowly, women were no longer contribute to economic structure and more toward the social organization. They developed language and conveyed to their children and raised them up with their knowledge and skills. (p.5)

Throughout the story telling prehistoric era, we can know that women were not sexually exploited and commanded by men, they had their own thoughts and survival methods which earn the respects.

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Research blog- Entry 1

Among all the questions given, question no 3 catches my attention the most.

  1. Examine the role of women in local or regional fashion-based traditional mass media. How are women represented? Do they relate to everyday ideas and attitudes of women?

This question is more toward feminist movement and personally as a female I think I can understand female’s thought better without any bias by standing at their position and viewing from their point of view.  Women are actually playing different kind of roles in our society and now their roles are become more important as they involve themselves not only social but politic and economy. During last time, women are always those who are humiliated and exploited, they are expected to obey and accept every unfairness silently. However, women are experiencing revolutionary changes  since from American revolution as well as French revolution. They are no longer people who only stay at home and be the substitute characters in society. Today women are more successful and independent. They can be the leaders who drive society to a new trend. They become “superwomen” with multitask. In this research blog, i’m going to use the roles of women in traditional fashion based mass media  and their achievement in fashion industry to show you more about  how women imply their ideas, interest as well as creativity in improving their appearance at the same time spice up the fashion world. My blog will focus a lot on the historical art movement of fashion through magazines.

The video below is about the reasons of percentage of women is smaller than men in reaching their professions and the powerful advice given by  Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg to be one of the top as a woman. This video is inspiring, making me decide to do this question.

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